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A Leap of Faith: Landing on my Feet in Austin, TX

My Next Chapter Promises to be a Good One

I've had to keep quiet until the paperwork was finalized, but I have a very exciting update I'm finally able to share: my journey as a journalist continues! When I decided to move back home for my family, I was prepared to leave journalism if I needed to - though I was far from excited about the prospect. I just wasn't having any luck hearing back from any news stations, but getting home was still a huge priority. Then in the ninth hour of the move, I heard back from KEYE, the CBS affiliate in Austin.

I was formally offered the job my first week of moving back. I took a leap of faith, and was rewarded for it. I can't express how thrilled I am! Seriously, working in Austin has been a dream of mine for years!!

Photo by M.J. Tangonan

Why Austin?

I'm from the Dallas area, but music and friends often brought me to Austin during college and the years that followed. I even remember my first show there, a group of us traveled to see the Canadian DJ Whipped Cream. I may have fallen in love with the city then.

It's just such an eclectic and vibrant city, known not just as a music destination, but for it's bustling food scene and growing tech industry. The city has really exploded, even in the short time since I left for New York. This means more traffic, which locals will quickly warn you about. But as a journalist, I'm excited by the sheer number of stories waiting to be told.

I remember applying to an Austin station a few years ago, and being told I wasn't ready yet. But I'd like to think I've worked really hard since then, and I never gave up on applying in Austin. I'm so, so grateful that KEYE is giving me this chance. I'm really looking forward to bringing my best!!

Ta-da!! My next chapter starts now!

A New Adventure Awaits

I was there in Austin this past weekend, meeting the team and apartment hunting. Everyone I met at KEYE was so nice, and they seemed just as excited to have me - which was a pretty humbling feeling. I found a really nice town home close to the station that seems perfect, and I was able to catch up with some old friends (It felt like time hadn't really passed at all). It's nice knowing there's a network there waiting for me, but it's also nice being just an afternoon's drive away from family.

All in all, this next chapter is gearing up to be my best chapter yet. As a journalist, I'll be working in my first state capitol. One of the largest cities in one of the country's largest states. As an author, I'm excited for new book stores and events like the Texas Book Festival. Especially with book two in it's final stages!

As a lover of music, I'll no longer need an Air BNB to attend this year's Austin City Limits music festival that I bought tickets for months before the job offer. There are also a couple tea shops I'm looking forward to trying out, and a mahjong club! Isn't that perfect?

And in a city like Austin, there'll be no shortage of vegan food options for me - just look at the sushi I grabbed this past weekend!

Eggplant instead of eel, vegan cream cheese... Blue Sushi Sake Grill did not disappoint!

But finally and most importantly, as a Texan... I'm finally home. I published a book, visited my dream destination of Japan, and now I'm working in my dream city - all before 30. Hopefully I can keep crushing it in my next decade, and I hope you all will continue to follow along. Your support means so, so much!!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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