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Sneak Peek Continued: The Silver Witch

Leading up to the release of volume 2...

... please enjoy a special preview! (2/3)

(SPOILER WARNING: Volume 2 picks up just weeks after the first volume. For those wanting to avoid spoilers, beware! For part one of the preview, click here.)

The Silver Witch began coughing into her arm as she tried to swat away the butterflies, but it was futile.

“That’s not good…” Ailu bit her thumb, her voice filled with concern.

“What kind of spell is that?” I asked.

“It’s a magical poison Enchantress uses to paralyze her opponents.” Ailu replied. 

I looked back at the arena, and sure enough, the Silver Witch’s movements were beginning to slow. 

“This might be a bad matchup…” Kyon anxiously tilted forward. “Even wizards have trouble dealing with charms. A witch can’t really counter this kind of magic without a potion or talisman, right?" 

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Master Wis replied. There was a twinkle in her eye.

Despite my teacher’s confidence, the Silver Witch fell to her knees. Though she tried, she was unable to get back up, and soon stopped struggling all together. 

Descending like a butterfly herself, Enchantress reformed and gracefully dropped in front of the Silver Witch. The wizard held her tenderly by the cheek and raised her other hand high in the air — glowing purple with energy. 

“Is it over?” I gasped.

Enchantress drove her hand in like a knife. That’s when a smile spread across the Silver Witch’s face. “Got you.”

It happened in an instant. The Silver Witch lunged forward, grabbing Enchantress by the inside of the elbow and somehow lifting her straight above her head. It wasn’t some inhuman display of strength, I knew better than that. Still, at that moment, she looked like a monster. 

Enchantress was helpless. Like a pendulum, the Silver Witch continued swinging her straight into the ground on the other side. With all that momentum behind her weight, the Enchantress didn’t have a chance. The fight ended with a sickening smack. 

“Goodnight.” The Silver Witch sneered, dusting off her hands like she had just touched something dirty. 

“Ladies and gentlemen! The Silver Witch remains undefeated and earns herself a spot in the semifinals!” Adelis boomed. 

For the second time this evening, and perhaps not the last, I found myself plugging my ears as the volume of the crowd grew out of control, all while trying to wrap my mind around what I just witnessed. 

“H-How did she do that?!” Kyon stammered. It appears I wasn’t the only one confused. 

In fact, the only one who didn’t seem surprised was my teacher.

“It was like she was untouchable!” I was once again on my feet. “Nothing the Enchantress did worked! How?!”

“And to swing the Enchantress over her head like that… man.” Ailu clapped her hands in awe. “I knew she would win, but who could have expected something like that?”

“I’m not even upset that I lost our bet.” Kyon laughed, popping some cinnamon peanuts in her mouth. 

“So Master Wis, how did she do that?” I asked.

“You couldn’t tell?” She replied. 

I frowned and rolled my eyes. As if I could!

Keep watching her fight. I’m sure you can figure it out.”

I guess my teacher really wanted tonight to be a lesson after all…

“Does it have to do with her specialty? Wi-”

“Let’s let Isabel figure it out, okay?” Master Wis hastily interrupted Ailu, though not unkindly. 

“Hehe. Okay.” 

“No fair!” I growled. 

Unfortunately, the semifinals came and went, and as impressive as the magic continued to be, I was no closer to finding my answer. The Silver Witch had no trouble clearing her match, once again fighting like she was under the protection of some kind of ward — magic supposedly impossible for a witch with an Arcanus alone. My last chance to figure out her secret would be in the finals.

Her opponent would be Phoenix, whose firepower handed him another decisive victory in the semifinals against Iharis. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Silver Witch would be able to keep it up against his blazing, blue flames. At times, even the protective barrier around the stadium seemed to struggle to hold back the heat. 

If anyone could beat her, I had a feeling it was him.

Ahead of the final match, the flames in the braziers leapt into the air like eager dancers as Adelis once again took stage at the center of the arena. “ARE WE READY?!”

The audience whistled and clapped, with the energy in the stands only growing as the evening drew on. 

“It has been quite the evening folks, with outstanding magic and hard-fought victories. But it all comes down to this.”

“Double or nothing?” I heard Kyon whisper to Ailu.

“Yeah right.” 

“First, let’s hear it for our champion… the untouchable, argent beauty… THE SILVER WITCH! Can she once again defend her title?”

This time, the Silver Witch burst out with even more fanfare. She rode a broomstick and did a lap around the arena while side-straddling it as if perched on a chair. She waved and winked at the audience, using her Arcanus to leave a trail of color behind her broom as she flew. She approached the ground and jumped off — her broom magically vanishing behind her — and landed with a deep bow. 

“And her opponent, who is not only looking to take her crown… but also looking to make history as the first warlock to win a championship in more than a decade!” Adelis gestured to the opposite end. “The Vermillion Mage, the Warlock of Blue Flames, our Master of the Firebird… PHOENIX!”

Phoenix’s familiar led the charge on his entrance into the arena, lighting up the sky with flames as his master confidently paraded below. If I were him, I would be nervous going up against someone like the Silver Witch. But he entered with the determination of someone ready to win. He wasn’t to be underestimated. 

Phoenix met Adelis and the Silver Witch at the center of the arena, his familiar circling above like a true bird of prey. The two mages shook hands, and with her hands on their shoulders, Adelis spoke words of encouragement that couldn’t be heard by the audience. 

The evening was at a feverish pitch and I couldn’t contain my excitement. My heart was thudding in my chest as I clutched the railing in front of me.

“How awesome is this?” Kyon squealed. “It’s quite the unusual matchup. We’re in for a real treat!”

“What do you mean?” 

“Well, if warlocks are unusual in Spellcraft, witches are even more so.” Kyon explained. “This is a sport dominated by wizards, so to see a championship match without one represented is really quite rare.”

Usually Kyon was ditsy, but when she was talking about something she was passionate about, she seemed so educated. I was impressed!

“Both of these fighters are real trailblazers.” Ailu agreed. “And the Silver Witch has really changed the perception of witches in this space.” 

“We’re not so weak, right Master Wis?” I grinned proudly. 

“Just try to learn something here.” She winked. 

Adelis finished speaking with the mages and stepped away before lifting her arms into the air. “Let the conclusion of the Autumn Solstice Cup… begin!”

There were loud whistles, and Adelis vanished in a plume of smoke as fireworks once again exploded in the sky. It was such a dazzling spectacle, it was almost sad to see them fade away. But the sky didn’t stay dark for long.

“Azar!” Phoenix reached up for his familiar, and I shielded my eyes. I knew what was coming next.

Light filled the arena, followed by the shower of hundreds of fiery feathers. It was a strong opening. The Silver Witch, the type to never strike first, was immediately thrown on the defensive. She danced around, dodging and casting spells to redirect the incoming fire, but there were far too many bolts to deal with. 

And this was clearly the warlock’s true intention. Not to waste a moment, Phoenix dashed forward and outstretched his hand. He worked his way to her side before launching a large fireball in her direction. The Silver Witch looked up, and perhaps for the first time this evening, seemed flustered. There was a loud explosion, and she was obscured by blue flames and billowing smoke.

“Oh man!” Ailu bellowed over the roar of the flames. 

My eyes widened in shock. Both the impact and heat were intense enough that my stomach clenched. I didn’t know enough about the sport to call myself a fan of the Silver Witch or anything, but there was a bit of unspoken kinship, right? I couldn’t help but root for her.

When the smoke cleared, the Silver Witch was still standing, practically unscathed. She had done it again! Somehow, it looked like the feather barrage managed to do more damage. How?!

“Did she use a protective barrier? Like Khepius?” I scratched the side of my head. 

“Is that magic a witch can do with just an Arcanus?” My teacher challenged. 

I frowned. I suppose not.

“But you’re on the right track,” she encouraged with a mystical smile.

The Silver Witch extended her hand and chanted a spell, roots tearing themselves from the ground. They began wrapping around Phoenix, but he was undaunted. 

“Argh!” He released a wave of heat from his body and the roots were instantly reduced to ash. 

But it was the Silver Witch who was going for a distraction this time. She ran straight for the pond and began twirling her wrist rapidly. Discs of water skimmed off the top and froze before flying at Phoenix. He shot a fireball back and the attacks clashed in an explosion of steam, but she kept the discs of ice coming. They were thin and fast, so she was able to overwhelm him with the sheer number of spells. 

This also meant the attacks were razor sharp and sliced at Phoenix as they connected. Dodging was his best option, but that meant now he was on the defensive. 


“Enough!” Phoenix shouted. He clapped his hands and disappeared in a flash of flames and smoke. 

My eyes rapidly skirted around the arena. Where is he?!

“There!” Kyon pointed.

I followed her gaze. Phoenix was up in the sky, with both hands outstretched towards the Silver Witch. He wasn’t enveloped in golden flames this time, but as the temperature in the arena began to rise, I knew he was about to cast his signature spell. Steam began rising from his body as the moisture from the Silver Witch’s attacks began to evaporate. 

“With fire and spirit, together we fly… never forget the phoenix’s cry!”

A fireball in the form of a giant phoenix took shape in the sky, bathing the crowd in magic and light. It wasn’t multicolored like last time, and not putting off as much energy — perhaps due to the Silver Witch’s last attack sapping some strength from him. But that’s not to say, blazing a brilliant blue, it wasn’t going to be a very powerful spell. 

The cry of a phoenix sounded out as the attack whistled through the sky. The Silver Witch took a deep breath and lowered herself into a defensive stance. She began chanting, and furiously moved her hands somatically as the Arcanus on her finger grew luminous. 

Kyon gasped and gripped my knee reflexively. I braced myself for the explosion that would follow. The attack was so large, as it descended upon the Silver Witch I lost sight of her. It threatened to swallow her whole! 

But then I felt a strange sensation as a warm breeze tickled my face, causing the unsightly cowlick my hat failed to hide flutter. The fiery phoenix split down the center and came crashing down in two large explosions. I felt heat on my face next as the entire stadium quaked. My ears were left ringing, and all the smoke confused the senses. 

I exchanged glances with my companions, none of us daring to utter a word. But the smoke cleared, and…

The Silver Witch was okay! Her robes were smoking and she was panting heavily, but she was okay! She was hunched over, her arm extended downward with a rigid hand. The grass beneath her feet was left charred and smoldering. 

Then it clicked.

“Wind!” I exclaimed, flying up on my feet. “She’s using wind magic!”

“Very good Isabel!” Master Wis clasped her hands together. “You figured it out.”

“Wow, but…” I collapsed back down in my seat. “Is wind magic really that powerful?”

“With a mastery of the wind, you can do everything from deflecting and slicing fireballs, to water… you can even clear the air you breathe of poison.” 

It all made sense now! The Silver Witch wasn’t invincible. She was just… incredible

“So this is why you’re called the untouchable.” Phoenix panted. “To think you could even counter my greatest spell…”

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” The Silver Witch breathily chuckled. “The still surface of this pond I break, to unleash on you a bloodless snake!”

The Silver Witch began pulling a massive amount of water from the pool beside her, and a current began wrapping around her body. It continued to grow in size until it was large enough to arch into the air and come crashing down on the tired Phoenix. But though the force of the spell brought him to his knees, it didn’t seem to do any other damage. 

“Is that all?” He grunted, slowly returning to his feet.

“Hardly.” She extended both hands at him and released a large burst of wind. But not just any wind. It was a wintry spell, freezing the water that drenched him. Ice climbed across his body and seemed to keep him from moving. 

The Silver Witch moved to press the advantage, but Phoenix hadn’t given up yet.

“A-Azar!” He called for his phoenix, who erupted into flames and, surprisingly, came crashing down right on the warlock!

A pillar of golden flames shot into the sky and, like a curtain, dropped down to reveal something remarkable. Azar had vanished, and instead, Arlette was left standing there warped by magic. It was like he was wearing a suit of feathery armor made of golden flames, complete with a chest piece, gauntlets and greaves. Even his hair was now made of fire! And most fantastical, a pair of brilliant, flaming wings were at his back.  

“Unreal.” I couldn’t help but be caught in wonder. Warlocks seemed to hold amazing power. How was anyone supposed to fight against that?!

The Silver Witch quickly tried to cast a water spell, but propelled by his flames, Phoenix closed the gap between them in no time. She was barely able to get out of the way before Phoenix brought his fist down, immediately evaporating all the water left in the pond. 

She hit him with a blast of air and moved to retreat. He launched three fireballs after her in rapid succession. But despite the increased fire power, the Silver Witch was still capable of defending herself. There were three explosions, but she was able to continue running, leaving a trail of smoke behind her. 

“His spells aren’t connecting with her, but instead small pockets of air she’s creating to shield herself from the brunt of the magic.” Master Wis explained. 

“Isn’t she the coolest?!” Ailu cheered.

Still, despite her defensive capabilities, her chances didn’t look good. At the moment, Phoenix seemed just as untouchable. But he was using an incredible amount of magic. How long could she keep it up? 

The Silver Witch decided against running, and instead planted her feet and faced him. Phoenix began advancing towards her once again, but she chanted a spell I actually recognized. “Without shape and without form, wind come forth like a storm!”

She unleashed a furious gale, and while it slowed his advance, it only really served to aggravate the flames and cause him to burn brighter. 

“Pointless!” He snapped.

But the Silver Witch’s eyes grew wide, and a smirk crept across her face. She had the look of someone with an idea. 

“Without shape and without form… WIND COME FORTH LIKE A STORM!” 

She conjured such a tempest; it actually began driving Phoenix back! But he dug his heels in and continued marching forward. The Silver Witch didn’t drop her arms, and instead kept the torrent of wind blasting at him. His flames were raging, shooting all over the place and scorching the earth beneath his feet. 

Phoenix tried to shoot a couple more fireballs in her direction to stop her, but he quickly realized how pointless that was. So he doubled down, and instead tried using his firepower to force his way forward in the storm. I had to hold my hat to my head as the wind even managed to whip those of us seated near the front.

Despite her best efforts, he was closing the distance quickly. Her wind was fierce, but his flames were fiercer. If he was able to reach her, it would be over. 


The closer he got, the more the wind just fueled his fire. I didn’t understand. Was she just trying to slow him down? Wasn’t that just delaying the inevitable? Didn’t she have anything else up her sleeve?

But in the end, I was just an inexperienced witch’s apprentice. 

Phoenix’s pace quickened, and soon, he was just feet from her. He could reach out and touch her. But he never did. Instead, in a surprising turn of events, he fell to his knees. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

The flames that were wrapped around his body suddenly vanished, and he was left smoking and unable to move. Azar reappeared, but barely had the energy to fly. The phoenix limped to the ground and collapsed at his side. The Silver Witch slowly approached him, and with a single finger, pushed on his forehead. He didn’t even have the energy to resist — and fell handily on his back.

“Nicely… done…” Phoenix panted. “You bested me.”

“Shut up.” The Silver Witch gasped for air and stumbled on her feet. But she was still standing. The fight was over.

“THE SILVER WITCH!!” Adelis simply declared with a thunderous boom, setting the crowd off into a frenzy. 

“That was insane!” The twins were back on their feet, jumping in the air to give each other high fives. 

As fireworks were launched into the sky yet again, I was filled with a feeling reminiscent of the time I was first introduced to the world of magic. It was like everyone in the stadium was celebrating together. Thousands of people, amplifying each other’s excitement and delight. It was utterly intoxicating. 

I smiled at my teacher, who was elegantly clapping for her friend. She looked genuinely impressed. 

“Master Wis?” 


“I’m going to learn magic. I promise!”

“I’m not worried in the slightest.”

I looked back at the Silver Witch, who was celebrating with the dozens of fans that impulsively jumped down into the arena following her victory. In her gleaming robes, she looked like some kind of gallant knight. My eyes shined with admiration. She was yet another great witch I could look up to. Could I ever measure up?

And more importantly… would Master Wis introduce me?




Following breakfast the next morning, I was in the den enjoying a mindless game of chase with Cloud, using a long piece of string I picked up off the ground. My thoughts were still on the night before, scenes from the tournament still fresh in my mind. I already couldn’t wait for the next one!

Unfortunately, we never were able to get a meeting with the Silver Witch. The foot traffic was too crowded to make our way to her, and the twins needed to get home. But Master Wis had assured me I’d get the chance to meet her someday. 

My teacher scurried into the den with an armful of fresh linens. “Isabel, can you take these and make all the beds? And hurry, because then I need you to clean the windows out front. Oh, and the floor could probably use a good sweep.” 

        “What?” I groaned, tossing the piece of string aside so I could accept the sheets. My snow-white cat pounced after it. 

        “What?” Master Wis mocked as she waved her Arcanus. Pastel pillows rose from the furniture and fluffed themselves, as books straightened up on the various bookshelves. I side-stepped a couple of teacups that had been left empty on the nearby table, and were now levitating towards the kitchen.  

         “Shouldn’t we relax some? We were out so late last night.” I was trying to be clever.

         “Exactly. There’s lots to catch up on, so my apprentice needs to get to work.” 

I blew out my lips sheepishly and rolled my eyes. What a buzzkill. Back to reality, I suppose. 

I watched as a blanket folded itself midair before coming to rest on the back of the couch.

“Sure wish my chores were that easy…” I grumbled as I headed for the first bedroom. 

“Why don’t you try?” Master Wis suggested.

“Huh?” I stopped and looked back at my teacher in disbelief. 

“Try using wind magic to make the sheets. The other spell we studied.”

“Right, okay…” 

I stared at the bed in the guest room and moaned. Controlling the wind was supposed to be pretty easy magic, and the spell she was referring to should have been easier still. With but a small wave of the hand, you will move as I command. Essentially, it could be used to manipulate light and inanimate objects. 


Despite seeing all the impressive magic from the night before, my confidence was still shattered. I lifted my hand but couldn’t bring myself to utter the spell. I couldn’t stomach another failure. I quickly talked myself out of even trying. It’s not like Master Wis would know the difference. 

The old-fashioned way then. I moved quickly, stripping the old sheets and replacing them on each bed - carefully tucking all the corners and smoothing away any wrinkles. With more chores awaiting me, I tried to ignore the burgeoning laundry hamper as I disposed of the dirty sheets. 

I decided to work on the shop’s windows next. I prepared a bucket and stepped outside, taking a moment to enjoy the autumn morning with a deep breath. The gentle chill was refreshing, and I curled my toes before stretching my limbs up towards the sun - not yet high enough in the sky to dissipate the frozen puffs of air pushing past my lips. The streets were beginning to hum with the first shades of activity. 

I dipped a rag into the frothy water and began scrubbing off the dirt, dust and hard water spots that accumulated over time until they could no longer be ignored. Through the glass, I could see Cloud lazily lounging across the counter on the other side. He watched me with callous disinterest. 

“Must be nice.” I muttered, making a face at him that really meant nothing to a cat. 

He just yawned and I chuckled, looking down to return to the bucket at my feet. That’s when a woman appeared at my right and reached for the door to the apothecary.

It wasn’t that she didn’t notice me, rather she just didn’t pay me any mind. Her hair was pulled back behind her head in a short, boyish tail. She was wearing a thick traveler’s cloak, with a scarf obscuring her face. 

“I’m sorry ma’am, we’re not open yet.” 

You’d think I just insulted her family, the way the woman glowered at me. She scoffed and continued reaching for the door. It kind of ticked me off. 

“Excuse me.” I threw out my hand in front of the door. Trying my best to sound polite, I continued, “We just need a few more minutes before we’re ready, okay?”

“Do you mind?” The stranger pushed past my hand.

“Do you?!” The nerve! I wedged myself between her and the door. 

What’s her problem?

The woman sighed, “She didn’t tell you… did she?” 


She rolled her eyes and flicked her wrist. The flash of an Arcanus caught my eye, but before I could even react, I found myself caught off balance by a strong gust of wind. I stumbled to the side and the woman pushed past me. That’s when I noticed the turquoise tips of hair held back behind her head. 

“Wait a minute…”

The woman stepped inside, pulling off her scarf in a single motion. “Amberfinch?”

I chased in after her as Master Wis stepped into the shop, my heartbeat quickening. Could it be?

My teacher beamed at our guest and clasped her hands together, “Estesia, welcome! We’re so happy to have you.”

“You didn’t tell your apprentice I was coming?”

I was completely mystified.

“Well, after your stellar performance last night, I wanted it to be a surprise.” Master Wis then turned her attention to me and delivered a mischievous wink.

As the realization of who stood before me sunk in, I stifled a scream. Estesia removed her traveler’s cloak, revealing a set of silver robes that dazzled softly in the rising sun’s light. 

“See Isabel? I told you you’d get to meet her soon.” My teacher let out a lighthearted giggle.

“Yo.” The Silver Witch greeted, turning to face me properly for the first time. When our eyes connected, I shrieked. 

“Estesia, this is Isabel Pirige, my apprentice. Isabel, this is Estesia Mistral.”

Grinning like an idiot, I threw out my hand to her. It was trembling in excitement. Am I dreaming?

I was quick to forget about our small confrontation outside and immediately sprang into frenzied chatter, “It’s so nice to meet you! I saw all your fights last night! You were so co—”

But perhaps she wasn’t as quick to forget. 

“Yeah, yeah. Here kid.” She pulled a travel bag out of thin air, which I caught with a wheeze. “Do something with it, will ya?” 

What the heck?! I looked at Master Wis for help, though she just let out an exasperated chuckle. 

“Shall we show you to your room? How about some tea?” Master Wis offered, gesturing for Estesia to follow. 

“Gross.” The Silver Witch scoffed, as she followed my teacher through the shop. 

We had a cute little store front, with timeworn pine flooring and rustic stone walls. Two large windows on either side of the door allowed plenty of natural light to enter, which made sunny days pleasant and warm.

My teacher gave a short tour as we walked, pointing out some of the more interesting potions and talismans and the more mundane soaps and lotions. Everything was stacked neatly on shelves that lined the walls, organized in a way that made it easy for customers to browse. Our tools of the trade and more guarded medicines were kept behind a thick, maple counter that divided the store in half. 

A door behind the counter took us into the stonewalled laboratory, where most of the magic literally happened. It was dark and cool in here and filled with the fragrance of herbs and flowers. All manner of ingredients and components were stored back here, with cauldrons stacked on top of each other and magical artifacts strewn about. For instance, the Crystal Pool was a scrying basin that allowed for communication over long distances, and our enchanted Ice Chest could keep certain potions or ingredients cold for long periods of time. A stairwell at the back led up to the living quarters above the shop. 

Master Wis seemed really excited to have Estesia visiting and was chatting at her pleasantly about this artifact or that. Though I say at her, because Estesia didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm. In fact, she couldn’t have appeared more disinterested. I struggled to follow behind, the travel bag only getting heavier as I trudged along. 

How many clothes did one person need?!

Estesia noticed as we reached the stairs and frowned. “You better not drop that!”

“I… I won’t…” I grumbled. 

Estesia Mistral seemed completely different than the Silver Witch I saw last night. I was expecting… someone else. 

Left behind, I was completely out of breath by the time I reached the top of the stairs. To my credit, I didn’t drop the bag. Estesia already seemed rather cross, so I certainly didn’t want to give her any reasons to dislike me. But I was quickly growing to dislike her.

“Is this your cat?” She asked Master Wis as I finally entered the living quarters.

“No, that’s Cloud. He belongs to Isabel.”

“Shoo.” Cloud had approached Estesia to say hello, but the witch roughly pushed him aside with her foot. 

“Hey!” I couldn’t help but speak up.

“Hm?” Estesia turned to look at me with a sharp look on her face that said, got a problem? I bit my tongue.

“Now, now.” Master Wis said through a pained smile. “Estesia, please be nice.”

“Tch.” She sneered. 

She was terrible. Absolutely terrible! My entire perception of her was shattered in that moment. My poor friendly cat…

We stood in awkward silence until Master Wis quickly went to play peacemaker. “Ah! Estesia, why don’t we tell Isabel the good news?”

Estesia just yawned.

“Isabel, Estesia wants to help you out with your magic. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Well, want is a strong word…”

I stiffened. Not even ten minutes ago, I would have been overjoyed by such news. But now? Who would want to learn magic from her?! 

“Do your best to get along, and learn a lot, okay?” My teacher clasped her hands together at her face. “This is a very special opportunity.” 

Neither of us seemed very excited, and Master Wis was left with an uncomfortable smile. 

“I’ll take care of the shop this morning, so why don’t you two go ahead and get started?”



How about the conclusion of that tournament?! Of course they say, don't meet your heroes. Stay tuned to see if the Silver Witch can give Isabel the push she needs!

Also, we're now less than two weeks away from the release of volume two! My editor and I celebrated with some tea last night. Please look forward to it!

It releases on Amazon Saturday, April 6!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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