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Andrew Freeman

Author and Journalist

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Welcome to Wis' Apothecary vol. 2 (2024)

After finally earning her coveted Arcanus, Isabel is ready to take her witchcraft to new heights. But it takes more than just a magical ring to cast a spell, and as she struggles to find her confidence, she'll discover that the world of magic spans farther than she could have ever imagined: from thrilling competitions to the dark recesses of the heart. Her adventures with a powerful and fierce witch, a beloved bookseller, a knight's daughter and an inventor's apprentice will challenge Isabel's core belief that magic exists to help people, as she grapples with the harsh reality that the best intentions don't always result in the best outcomes. No one knows this better than her teacher, the legendary Wisteria Amberfinch, whose own youthful journey is revealed to be a grim and perilous one.

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Welcome to Wis' Apothecary (2021)

Magic exists to help people, or at least that’s what young Isabel believes. As a witch’s apprentice helping her renowned teacher run an apothecary, there’s no shortage of people in need—from vampires to princesses to Hybrids. And though her desire to do good often lands her in trouble, can Isabel learn enough through her misadventures to not just grow as a witch, but as a person?

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"I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It’s geared more towards a young adult audience but as a grown man approaching my 30’s, Welcome to Wis’ Apothecary still kept me entertained from start to finish. Isabel Pirige and her master, Wisteria Amberfinch, along with with Isabel’s cat companion, Cloud, are just some of the endearing cast of characters that show up in this lighthearted take on the classic coming of age story- with a little added fantasy elements to keep you turning the pages."

Chris Hagy, Goodreads


"When you read this book, you see the world through the eyes and adventures of Isabel, an apprentice to a very powerful witch, Wisteria Amberfinch. The power of the story lies not only in the spells she is trying to learn and understand, but in the relationships and friendships that are forged along the way... The artwork of the cover is excellent to match a beautiful story inside, imaginative and very well written.This is the first book of a series and I look forward to road ahead."

Robert Conway, Amazon


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Your support means everything, and I'd love to meet you! Please come see me soon.

Austin Public Library's inaugural 
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Saturday, May 11

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Central Library; Austin, TX


@ 2 p.m.

The Den (6th Floor)

Andrew Freeman will be moderating a panel on Worldbuilding in YA Fiction with fantasy authors Britta Jensen, Becky Dean and Sajni Patel



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About Andrew Freeman

Andrew Freeman is a journalist and author living in Austin, TX. A Texas native, he studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of North Texas before going on to report in the Texoma region, Upstate New York and Central Texas. When he’s not writing stories, he enjoys spending time outdoors, practicing martial arts, and doting on his cat. 

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